Pontoon Boat Tag-IT-Along Tow Solution(™)

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Are you tired of leaving your other watersport toys at home because there isn’t any way to take them with you on the Pontoon Boat?  We have your answer with the Pontoon Boat Tag-It-Along Tow Solution!  Now, you can comfortably and safely tow your Jet Ski(s) behind your Pontoon Boat.  It’s fast and easy to hook them up and just as easy to release them when you want to use the Jet Ski—one clip and your Jet Ski is ready to ride.

Now, instead of deflating your Tow Rafts/ Floating Island rafts/ Water Tubes to go to your next spot, you can attach it to the Tag-IT-Along Tow Solution, and you’re off.  Anything with tow hooks or a cleat can safely be towed behind the pontoon boat, including another pontoon boat!

The Tag-IT-Along Tow Solution comprises center-reinforced U.S.-made proprietary foam tubing for improved buoyancy and stiffness. For added protection of the tow, we use a military-grade Shock Cord for maximum safety and a reliable shock absorber with 25KN (2500 Kg/5500 lbs. of pull force) auto-locking carabiners to keep everything securely where they need to be.

Common sense should be used when towing any tow.  Not to be use with excessive speed.


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