Pontoon Boat Fishing Solutions

Designed and Patent-Pending exclusively by Pontoon Boat Solutions, LLC.

These Fishing Pole holders slide over your pontoon rails from inside the boat with no screws, bolts, or glue. NO DRILLING IS NEEDED. Physics at its best. No matter how big your fish is, he would have to rip the side of your boat off before he would pull these fishing solutions off your boat. Angled perfectly for maximum stability too.

  • Super light but Heavy Duty
  • Made of marine grade 100% Aluminium.
  • TIG-welded for superior strength.
  • Withstand Harsh Marine Conditions.
  • 2 Rubber Insert – To protect your fishing rod from any wear against the aluminum surface.
  • Ideal for professional anglers with multiple fishing rods.
  • Solid construction – no moving parts.
  • 2″ x 9″ rod holder tube.
  • No sharp edges.

Don’t forget the Fishing Net!

Nothing worse than catching that BIG ONE and losing it because you couldn’t get to the net. Not anymore, now your net is always at your fingertips.

  • Tig-Welded Marine-Grade 6063 Aluminum.
  • 2″ Rubber-protected Tube to hold most Fishing Nets.
  • 1″ Bait Fish Holder/Fish Stringer.
  • Simply slide on your Pontoon Rail.
  • No Glue, Screws, Nuts, or Bolts.