Pontoon Boat Water Sports Solutions

Pontoon Boats are so much fun and less restrictive than most boats on the market when it comes to room to move around… until you start adding skis, paddle boats, and all the fun water toys that go along with a fun day on the water. We’re solving that problem with easy-to-add storage racks. No Screws, nuts, bolts, or glue. Simply hook the J-hook on the deck fender and drop it onto the fence rail, and you’re ready to go.

Pontoon Boat Water Ski Solution

See how easy they are to install!

Pontoon Boat Water Board/Paddle Board Solution

Paddle Boards and Wake Boards are almost a must when it comes to fun on the water, but they certainly take up a lot of room on the pontoon boat… until now! Simply slide on the “solution,” and you free up all the room the boards would normally take up on the pontoon boat. More important, your boards are safe and secure on the outside rail of the pontoon boat, just waiting for you to need them.

Pontoon Boat Kayak Solutions

Until now, if you wanted to take your kayak with you on your pontoon adventure, you had to either put it in the pontoon boat or drag it behind your pontoon boat with hopes that it didn’t get damaged if you drove too fast. Here is your solution, simply snap the Pontoon Boat Kayak Solutions to your pontoon boat rail when you get to the launching ramp and drop your kayak onto the padded arms and strap it in. Literally, minutes to put on and minutes to remove. Your Kayak is secure in a 2″ reinforced aluminum cradle that keeps your kayak ready for deployment within minutes. No more threats of floating debris damaging your Kayak as it was dragged behind the pontoon boat. The Pontoon Boat Kayak Solution is designed to fit most Kayaks, from small to large multi-person kayaks.

Pontoon Boat Water Mat Solution

Water Mats are so much fun, but they are hard to store when you’re done using them. They are bulky and take up a lot of room on your pontoon boat. We have a solution! The Pontoon Boat Water Mat racks attach to your pontoon rails without glue, screws, nuts, or bolts, and keeps everything tight and secure! Check out this video…

“New” Pontoon Boat Storage Solution

Here is a great addition to any of your Pontoon Boat Water Sports Solutions. You can now store your Water Mat, Kayak, Water Skis, Wakeboards, KneeBoards, and other favorite equipment in your garage, basement, or shed with the new Pontoon Boat Storage Solution.

The Storage Solution is designed just like the rails of your pontoon. Simply slide your water sports solution rack on the Storage Solution rail and attach your straps to safely hold it in place like you would on your pontoon boat. Now both your equipment and water sports solution rack are safe in your garage or shed, ready for your next adventure. Everything you need is included for an easy installation, pre-drilled at 16″ and 24″.