Pontoon Boat Wake Board/Paddle Board Solution

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  • Simply slide the patent-pending pontoon boat Wake/Paddle Board Solution racks on the pontoon rail.
  • Attach and adjust the J-clip to the pontoon deck trim.
  • The rack fits tightly on the rail without screws, nuts and bolts, or glue.
  • It literally takes seconds to attach each rack and another minute to secure the wake boart or paddle board in place.
  • Easily store the rack under your seats when not in use, or add our Garage Solution and hang and store your Wake/Paddle Board and the Solution Rack safely in your garage.  Just like it hangs on your boat.
  • 40% cheaper than AMAZON’s SurfStow 50053 Suprax.
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This new patent-pending Watersport Solution can accommodate most wake boards and paddle boats up to 8″ thick and as long as needed.  Designed for simplicity and easy of installation over 1 1/4″ pontoon fencing rails.  The racks slide over the rail and attach and secure the J-hook to the pontoon deck trim.  Voila, your watersport solution is ready for action.

The racks are constructed from 2″ x 3/8″ mill-finished marine-grade aluminum, then lined with protective rubber to keep your board safe and secure when not in use.  Adjustable shock-cords make it easy to secure the board into the racks whether you’re doing it from inside the pontoon or from in the water.  Now you can enjoy wave boarding or paddle boarding without compromising floor space on the pontoon boat when its not being used.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 4 in


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