18′-22′ Pontoon Boat Canvas Solution with 9″ Rise Combo Pack with 18 Gator Bites

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This PONTOON BOAT SOLUTION PACKAGE contains the following components

  • 18 Gator Bite Canvas Strap Solutions.
  • 8 each Patent-Pending Arch-Makers with a 9″ rise.
  • 4 each 5-way PVC Connectors.
  • 2 each 4-way PVC Connectors.
  • 4 each PVC Flat End Caps.
  • Detailed Instructions.
  • Canvas NOT included.

SKU: PBS 1822-9WGB Category: GTIN: 850046822674


This combo-pack PONTOON BOAT CANVAS SOLUTION AND GATOR BITE CANVAS STRAP SOLUTION package (You saved $40) contains the necessary components to construct an easy-to-assemble and remove pontoon dome for your pontoon boat.  The patent-pending Arch-Makers with a 9″ rise are solid aluminum and designed to slide on the pontoon rails without screws or glue.  Easy on, easy off.  Once constructed, the dome will securely hold all the components in place.  The 3/4″ Schedule 40 PVC pipes (NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT) will be strategically cut and connected by the 5-way PVC connector forming the arches, together forming the dome.  As the arches are connected together to form the dome, the dome is further strengthened by supporting legs under each arch.  Within days, the PVC pipes will hold the shape that forms the arch, making it easy to reconstruct the dome when needed.  Each component is numbered chronologically to match the corresponding number on the 5-way connector.  This allows for quick reassembling of the Pontoon Boat Canvas Solution and less time adjusting the canvas.  Simply slide your canvas over the dome and connect your 18 pieces of Gator Bite Canvas Strap Solution to the pontoon floor fender, and you’re done.  A simple solution to an age-old problem.

The 18-piece “Gator Bites” Solution replaces the straps (or snaps) of the canvas, thus eliminating the need to crawl under the pontoon boat to secure the straps to the other side.  The J-hook simply attaches to the pontoon floor fender with military shock cord, creating a flexible but secure mounting system that is easy to connect in minutes.


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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


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